Want to enjoy good sound in your living room and enjoy what you are watching? Want to enjoy soulful music, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, etc. or want to see even a minute detail of minute detail of your movies like Lords of the Ring or Star worlds? You definitely want to enjoy movie, music or want to play games with clear sound?   Sound bars are definitely for you.

You can make your living room a home cinema. Sound bars help the people to enjoy excellent audio and video quality in their living rooms.

Often sound bars are getting confused with a sound base. However, the sound bar is a slim speaker that is either mounted on the wall or can be placed in front of TV or below the TV and serve the fundamental purpose of improving the sound technology can give virtual surround sound.

Most commonly, sound bars have a 2.1 channel setup, and this means that they have two speakers and one subwoofer, but they can vary in some cases. However, the sound base is a thicker unit that usually has more bass drivers. The performance of the sound bars is evaluated on the basis of its sound quality. Playing a wide range of media like movies, music, and games tests sound quality. It is also evaluated on basis of user-friendly and testing of companion software.

Other includes input and output devices, wall mounting ability, sound bars wattage, supported audio channels and the subwoofer. It should be kept in the mind that some sound bars also require proper room. Too much furniture in the room can hamper its performance. Similarly, the sound quality also gets affected in too small or large rooms. Sometimes you should have a proper compatible TV.

TV itself doesn’t give the best sound quality. Sound bars are the easy solution to this problem. Different sound bars with different specifications are available in the market. Traditional and pedestal sound bars are two basic types of sound bars mainly differs in terms of price, size, specification, features and placement.

Some of them are cheap, but some of them are costly. Some include subwoofers while other doesn’t have them. Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi system, Airplay is other specifications that vary from product to product. We will discuss a few amazing sound bars with their specifications so that you can select the best one for yourself.

Source: Best Soundbar 2017

best hybrid bikes

Many people are talking about hybrid bikes now days. So what makes it come into the eyes of the crowd? What does it offer which is not offered by Road bike or Mountain bike?

Let’s see some of the internals and physical features of a “Best Hybrid Bike.”

1)    Frame: The frame is well built from aluminum for strength. The low graph frame option is also provided for women rather than a single straight bar.

2)    Handle Bars: A Hybrid bike comes with FLAT handle bars which provide a straight and upright position to the rider. It also makes the gear shifting easier for the naïve riders. The handle bar can be rotated forward and backward to provide more control and comfort to the rider.

3)    Tyres: Hybrid bikes come with wide tyres as compared to Road or Mountain bikes. It provides control, grip, more speed on any surface. The tyres don’t lose the grip even on a wet surface.

4)    Material: Hybrid bikes are made of aluminum, steel, and carbon. Steel is always heavier and provides a good look to the bike, but carbon provides a neat way to carry the bike without any hassle on any surface.

5)    Gears: The shifting of the gear is most elegant in Hybrid bikes. Whether you live in a hilly area, the gear shifts are so smooth to carry yourself on a steep surface.

6)    Brakes: The most important feature provided by Hybrid bikes are DISC Brakes. These are more responsive than the traditional RIM brakes. They are certainly expensive and were used on mountain bikes for a long time. But, once your bike is customized with disc brakes, you will feel more control over any surface with more breaking power.

7)    Pedals: The pedals are detachable. We can customize the pedals based on whether we want to ride the bike on the road or on a hilly terrain. The pedals don’t have clips and can be easily updated with the new ones.

8)    Mudguard: Well, hybrid bikes don’t come with an option for mud guards but it is designed in such a way that it accepts customization of mud guards.

9)    Customization: Hybrid bikes comes with a customization option where we can attach a frame for carrying laptops, water bottle, clothes etc. for a few extra bucks.

Hybrid Bike Variants

  • Road-Oriented: This variant has more features being extracted from a Road Bike and is cheaper than the Mountain-Oriented version. You can still find rim brakes instead of Disc Brakes, frame made of steel instead of carbon, the less gear ratio for shifting, etc.
  • Mountain-Oriented: This is a high-end variant of Hybrid bikes. It proposes all the above-mentioned features with more customization.

Of course, Mountain variant of hybrid bike cost more than the Road variant. The Hybrid bike has to be chosen based on the requirement. For office commuting purpose, a Road variant will suffice but for recreational activities over the weekend, one should go for Mountain variant.


ips monitor

ips monitorMonitor is one of the central component of any computer setup. It is not only defines what you will see and how clearly you will see, but also defines your productivity. A small monitor with small space to work on will yield less productivity as compared to a large monitor with a large enough resolution.

The size of the monitor really depends upon your nature of work. If you just sit on your computer to write reports or read news then you don’t really need a big monitor; however, if your work demands more like designing, editing etc, then you will almost certainly benefit from a larger screen. If you are in the hunt for a newer screen, then keep the following few pointers in mind.

For starters, resolution of the monitor is what defines how much real estate you will have on your screen i.e how many windows can you fit. On a FHD monitor you can fit two windows comfortably side by side. There are much larger resolution available now such as WQHD and even 4K. Although these are the ultimate resolution to have, they are very demanding and can greatly tax your system. You will need a very powerful system to run such monitors

Another important consideration is the panel type. There are two most common types of panel types: TN and IPS. There is also a third less common called the VA panel. A few years back TN panels were the cheapest and also the most widespread; however, that has changed. IPS panels have almost entirely taken over the TN panel. TN panels offer faster response time making it suitable for gamers, whereas IPS deliver amazing visuals and viewing angles. You can buy IPS monitor for fairly cheap nowadays.

Another important consideration is the connectivity. Remember that the monitor has all the important ports. It will be shame if you buy a monitor that has different ports than your computer.

There are many other intricacies such as response time, refresh rate, color gamut etc; however, we will keep it all to basic.

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