PC Monitors – How to Buy

ips monitorMonitor is one of the central component of any computer setup. It is not only defines what you will see and how clearly you will see, but also defines your productivity. A small monitor with small space to work on will yield less productivity as compared to a large monitor with a large enough resolution.

The size of the monitor really depends upon your nature of work. If you just sit on your computer to write reports or read news then you don’t really need a big monitor; however, if your work demands more like designing, editing etc, then you will almost certainly benefit from a larger screen. If you are in the hunt for a newer screen, then keep the following few pointers in mind.

For starters, resolution of the monitor is what defines how much real estate you will have on your screen i.e how many windows can you fit. On a FHD monitor you can fit two windows comfortably side by side. There are much larger resolution available now such as WQHD and even 4K. Although these are the ultimate resolution to have, they are very demanding and can greatly tax your system. You will need a very powerful system to run such monitors

Another important consideration is the panel type. There are two most common types of panel types: TN and IPS. There is also a third less common called the VA panel. A few years back TN panels were the cheapest and also the most widespread; however, that has changed. IPS panels have almost entirely taken over the TN panel. TN panels offer faster response time making it suitable for gamers, whereas IPS deliver amazing visuals and viewing angles. You can buy IPS monitor for fairly cheap nowadays.

Another important consideration is the connectivity. Remember that the monitor has all the important ports. It will be shame if you buy a monitor that has different ports than your computer.

There are many other intricacies such as response time, refresh rate, color gamut etc; however, we will keep it all to basic.

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